Lucas tried to stick to the plan. He really did. But then Sunday came, and all of a sudden everything was ass backwards because he heard from Farkle that Riley had accepted a date with Charlie Gardner, which meant that all plans were off.

Both girls avoided his texts, and the bay window was firmly shut and curtains drawn when he stopped by.

“What? Maya— “he sputtered, jumping up to face her.

“Hear me out first!” She implored, holding up her hands. “Riley and I talked last night. All she sees is what everyone else did – us bickering and flirting and whatever. I couldn’t convince her that you were interested in her from that first day on the subway, not me.”

“You pushed her.”

She nodded.

This was quite possibly the worst idea she had had ever had –or the best. Maya stood, shivering, in front of entrance to the Museum of Modern Art, wishing she had thought to grab her change purse off of her dresser. Her favorite coffee stand was only a block away, but she had been so intent on going to the meeting spot before she chickened out that she had blown right past it.

The girls silently returned to Riley’s bedroom after Lucas’ impassioned lecture and instructions. The rest of the apartment was dark, indicating that the rest of the Matthews’ family had retired to their beds. The silence continued as they moved around each other in the moonlight, finding their pajamas and taking care of other personal needs before pulling the blankets off of the bed to sit facing each other in the window seat.

The three teens sat in silence, each lost in their own thoughts as the world celebrated the New Year far below. Lucas glanced at Riley again from the corner of his eye, careful not to move his head this time. She looked so miserable, huddled into herself, shivering slightly. Maya had instinctively taken up the same position, though they couldn’t see each other with him in the middle.