Chapter 01

Although I grew up in Orlando, I was not part of the MMC crew. I didn’t work at Universal or Disney, I didn’t meet any of the guys randomly at a club, and we didn’t have any mutual friends. We did, however, have a mutual acquaintance.

Lou Pearlman.

Owner and founder of Trans Continental Entertainment, financial backer to two of the most successful male pop groups of the 90’s, swindler, smooth talker, dirty old man—and my step-uncle.

Like a Moth to a Flame

Neptune, CA.


“He shoots, he SCORES! And the crowd goes wild!” 16 year old Tyler Chasez ran around the basketball court with his arms victoriously up in the air, playing up to an imaginary cheering crowd. His best friend rolled his eyes.


“Just wait until football practice starts.” Adrian Timberlake grumbled, collecting the basketball and jogging over to where his water bottle was.


Alright, enough is enough.

Derek Morgan didn’t even bother to check his mirrors before abruptly swerving into the left turn lane and turning sharply. His partner, Emily Prentiss, stifled a surprised yelp and grabbed onto the overhead handle bar.

“What’re you doing? The freeway is back there!”

“I’m getting ‘creative with my driving’, Prentiss.

Morgan/Prentiss snippet

My take on how the events in ‘Lauren’ should have gone down.

Title: None

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Morgan/Prentiss

Spoilers:  through S7 before Prentiss gets killed off. There is no Seaver yet.