Yet another drabble


Speculation on how the inevitable conversation/confrontation could go.

“I am not my father.” The words burst out of Arthur, angry, full of betrayal and grief and fear.

“I know you’re not.” Merlin’s reply is quiet, thrumming with the underlying confidence and faith and trust that has always been there, even when the words are prat, and arrogant, and condescending.

Through Stained Glass

Title: Two sides of the same coin
Fandoms/Characters: Arthur Pendragon/Bradley James, Harry Potter/Daniel Radcliffe, Merlin/Colin Morgan, Guinevere/Angel Colby, Hermione/Emma Watson
Summary: Bradley, Colin, and Daniel experience the wonder–and weight–of their alter egos.
Status: In Progress
Author’s notes: drabble that won’t leave me alone.


Sometimes Bradley doesn’t know where the line between fantasy and reality is.