Blood Reign: 08

Their plans were pre-empted the next day, however, when King Uther called for Court and Council to gather.

Merlin quickly shook out Arthur’s formal court outfit, and with a murmured word it was as new and clean as if it had never been worn. The prince glared, but allowed himself to be dressed as the heralds sounded the warning call—a bell located inside every noble’s chambers, rung only when High Court was gathering.

Blood Reign: 05

“No, not a sorcerer,” Merlin said brazenly, although his eyes were wide with his own impunity. “Warlock. There is a difference.” He waited, expecting the prince to laugh at the thought of Merlin having any kind of magical ability—or any ability at all.


Arthur’s expression didn’t change. “Really. Tell me, Merlin, what exactly is the difference between a sorcerer and a warlock?”


Merlin swallowed hard.