Bedroom Games: Prologue

He moves smoothly across the stage, all feline grace and masculine confidence. A thrust here, a calculated twist of the hips there, and he’s off again, setting off a burst of renewed frenzy in his wake. A quick smirk of acknowledgement over his shoulder is his only response as he goes to tease out on the catwalk for a moment before returning center stage to segue into the homestretch of the song.

More Than a Memory Archived Chapter 6

Before he could confront his little minx, however, first he had to pick up his younger brother. Waving a goodbye to Drew, Jacob walked over to the elementary. The sounds of kids yelling caught his ears, and he quickened his pace, only to stop in surprise.

The combatants were two young boys, no older than twelve or thirteen.

More Than a Memory Archived Chapter 5

“You, my friend have got some serious ladyballs underneath that cute little dress. Which, by the way, I want to borrow this weekend, but that’s beside the point. I cannot believe you just walked up and made out with my brother! I don’t know whether to be proud or furious! How are you not a puddle of girly goo on the floor right now?

More Than a Memory Archived Chapter 4

“Hey Crawford, wait up!”

Jacob Crawford stifled a grin but didn’t slow his pace, expertly moving through the crowded hallways of Bethel High School. His pursuer caught up with him at his locker, announcing his arrival by punching Jacob on the shoulder.

“Thanks a lot, dude. Way to help your best friend in his time of need.” Drew grumbled as he exchanged his books for the ones needed for first period Trig.

More Than a Memory Archived Chapter 3

Three years later.

“Our reputations are set!” Livy crowed, thrusting her fist in the air in victory. “Cheerleaders get everything—invites to the best parties, hanging out with the hottest guys in school, recognition and status…” she flopped backwards onto Mira’s bed, her blue eyes still sparkling with excitement as she craned her head to look at her best friend.